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green property: led lights

by:Demo     2020-08-25
Solar garden lamp has always been the candle light of the ecological home world.
For many years, they had been glowing hopelessly on garden paths and terrace edges, with nothing to illuminate but their glass enclosures.
As a result, they gave the message of \"green life\" a bad name.
Solar panels do not generate enough energy, LED(
Emitting Diode)
The bulb did not produce enough light.
Meanwhile, more meaningless aluminum, glass and plastic rubbish was scattered on flower beds in suburban England, and gardeners and homeowners stumbled into ponds and stamped on rockeries.
However, in recent months, solar panel technology and LED technology have developed rapidly.
Laboratories in China, Japan and the United States are producing brighter, more efficient LED lights, while reducing costs. The result?
We have never seen a similar lighting revolution since the invention of modern tungsten filament bulbs in 1907.
The impact on the not-too-distant future is enormous: the prospect of very bright, very low-energy lamps used inside and outside the home.
Although LED lights have not been associated with a faint blue glow until recently, they are now brighter enough for street lighting systems - Whittington Village in Staffordshire has just become the first place in the country where LED street lights have replaced old sodium lamps - with a 70% reduction in energy consumption and brighter light.
Over the past year, manufacturers have announced a series of breakthroughs in the structural efficiency of LED chips, including lumen. (
Brightness measurement)
In February, each watt rose from 136 to 208.
In contrast, the sodium lamp manages 132 lumens per watt.
Fluorescent lamps are 90 lumens per watt, while dear old tungsten filament lamps are only 17 lumens per watt, which is why they are so expensive for lighting in your home.
Tim Whitaker, editor of LED magazine, said: \"Because manufacturers still need to solve some minor problems, especially how to effectively cool the bulbs, it will take some time for us to get reasonably priced, bright and efficient LED lights at home. \"
\"But it\'s very clear that we can now see how we\'re going to get there.
Although fluorescent lamps were considered low-energy alternatives to household tungsten filament bulbs about a year ago, which may take decades, they now seem to be only a temporary transitional feature.
LED can produce brighter, better quality light, and its efficiency will mean more electricity savings.
\"Will Anderson: Carbon-
Zero Builder\'s Green Attribute: How to Ventilate the Energy Efficiency of the Kitchen Recycling Workbench at Cambridge University-
I tried five solar garden lights on the market, proving that your home has 25 green ways to cut your fuel costs and reduce some light to test the argument that LED lights are getting brighter and more efficient. Roma £49.
99. From www. nigelsecostore. com.
Claiming to be the smartest player in the domestic market, it has scored almost unbelievable seven points. -metre-
Wide light pool.
It has a 10-square-centimeter solar panel at the top, which is the first solar lamp I have ever seen that really illuminates the ground around it, so you can see it through it.
My size is six feet. (two metres)
Bright lights and dark lights four metres deep.
I moved it to the front of the house, which not only means that I can cut off the power supply. -
Safety lights are used, but birds in the back garden can now get some sleep. Murano £25.
From www. thesolarcentre. co.
Britain is disappointing. Its tiny (
4cm x 4cm square)
Solar panels are simply not enough to power LED bulbs.
About an hour after the sun goes down, the light fades to a tiny twinkle.
The peak is 6 pounds.
99. From www. homebase. co.
Britain has promised \"discolored ultra-bright ambient lighting\" on a slender plastic cylinder.
But it is actually quite lovely, a charming Turquoise LED Light module, gradually changing from green to blue, from yellow to white, from red. Its 7.
The 5 cm diameter solar panels provide enough power to keep it working until the morning. Torino £19. 99 from www. nigelsecostore.
COM promises 8 feet(2. 4 metres)
Bright light pool, but only one foot(30cm)
Bright light around.
Solar lamps cost 7 pounds.
99. From www. homebase. co.
Britain\'s useful lights have a hanging handle and a fairly bright glow.
However, when I took it to the end of the garden, I couldn\'t see the branches in front of me and cut my nose.
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