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general electric to phase out cfl bulbs, amp up led lights

by:Demo     2020-08-28
Hello LED lights!
Goodbye, CFL bulb.
GE announced on Monday that it will phase out the compact blue light (CFL)
By the end of this year, the focus of light bulbs and LED lights will increase.
After the compact fluorescent lamp bulbsflooded market as a cheap energy-efficient alternative, the federal government banned 100-
Watt incandescent lamps due to failure to meet the requirements of the United StatesS.
Energy standards 2012
While the LED lights are viable and consumers think the lighting is better, they are expensive for $40
According to a statement from GE, it was $50 in 2012.
From the beginning, CFLswere was criticized for issuing \"Cold .
\"Consumers are also annoyed with the time it takes for the LED Light module bulb to light up the room, and the bulb doesn\'t seem to work with the traditional dimmer switch.
According to a statement from GE, while the product has been improved, many products have failed to warm up to CFLs, with light bulbs accounting for only 15% of sales last year.
Enter the added focus on the LED light.
\"These LED bulbs are starting to replicate what the wires have been doing for more than 100 years --
John Strainic, chief operating officer of GE Lighting, said in a statement: \"provide the look and warm atmosphere that people are used . \".
\"It\'s time for the LED.
\"By the end of this year, American consumersS.
The spiral CFL bulb can no longer be seen on the shelf.
According to the company, the \"break-up\" with cfls is due to a sharp drop in the cost of LED lights. A 60-watt-
The equivalent bulb costs less than $5, and GE predicts that more than half of US sockets will use LED lightsS. by 2020. \"With a 22-
\"With a year\'s life, an LED bulb can light up the bedroom table lamp from birth to college,\" the company said in a statement . \".
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