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extremely simple 5v ultrabright led light

by:Demo     2020-08-12
I spoke to the saikoLED team a few months ago and we realized that there is really nothing particularly cheap to do ultra-high brightness LED work, and there are enough passive cooling solutions.
To solve this problem, we came up with a new design similar to the \"Honda Accord\" of LED lights, rather than the Cadillac we used to do.
This light is very simple. -
Housing with hole pattern for 20mm LED Star board (
Both the luxon Rebel star and the LEDEngin 5 w LEDs should work well)
, For connecting the hole pattern and some mounting holes of the Chassis Installation power resistor used for current limit.
In this case, the mounting hole is either three 8 screws (or eye bolts)
, Or two 1/8 \"NPT holes suitable for flexible hollow connector tilting lines.
I really like the idea of LOCLine connectors because they are basically very cheap plastic goose neck and the wires can all run inside.
After that, you can provide an attractive, cheap, very bright LED LED Light module fixture by simply connecting a 5 v power supply.
By purchasing a power supply with variable voltage output, you can also easily dim the LED by changing the voltage between 3 and 5 v, or use a power supply that can output 5 v with PWM for brightness control.
The goal here, however, is to be simple, so assume this might be used to make a very bright color instead of a faded RGB fixture.
However, it is relatively simple to use RGB tricolor
The color 20mm LED board in this fixture and some external electronics for fading.
Most of the goals here are to provide a good housing and installation option for LED lighting so there is no problem with cooling.
The enclosure is designed to be easily manufactured using eMachineShop. com.
All holes are straight through and the box is 0.
062 \"aluminum, the holes are properly excavated, after receiving the holes, I spent about $40 a time to anoze the holes for $60.
The 3D structure is manufactured using the CNC bending option, which produces a tapered shell of about 30 degrees without any expensive internal milling.
Inside, the hole pattern of the Star board is centered, and the hole pattern of the power resistance is biased. Each lamp only needs to worry about four total solder joints.
LED screws for 4-
40 when the resistor is used 2-
56 space screws.
Both larger visible holes are threaded 1/8 \"NPT holes for LOC-
Wire flexible arm, but other than that, it is only allowed to take the wiring to the hole outside the shell when installing it by hanging using 8 eye bolts, or to fix it directly on the surface (such as an aquarium canopy) fixed from the side.
This is a very simple system. -
The voltage of the LED is about 3.
4 V, Resistance 2 ohms, supply voltage 5 v, so the current through the LED is in: V = I * R (5-3. 4)=i*21.
6 = I * 2i = 800 main practice, this batch of LEDs is more like 950 mA, but it is in the rating of LEDs as long as it is below 1A.
In addition, the thermal performance of the housing should be good enough to keep the mold around 70C (
Rated around 120C)
Even in full power.
However, a 3 ohm resistor can be easily replaced for additional safety.
To get a more focused beam, the optical element can also be attached to the LED-
My purpose is for an aquarium light that is only a few inches from the tank, so I have no choice to use them.
If anyone is interested in buying these cases, it can be found when you want to make your own case, I have included the design file so you can make your own case. ems (emachineshop. com file).
It takes a lot of time and effort to iterate to such a simple functional design that is still elegant, but this structure is only released under a property/share
Same license, you can use it in commercial products as long as you contribute your improvements.
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