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embedding led lights in epoxy resin

by:Demo     2020-08-03
I have received a lot of questions/comments about the technology I used to embed strips in resin in my previous LED wall hanging art project.
So I decided to write a manual to elaborate further on the technology.
Keep in mind that I use the term \"embed\" as a synonym for merging, overwriting, and encapsulation in this structure.
Epoxy hot glue Gun1/4 \"transparent tubingLED UV light strip there are many ways to embed strips in the resin.
If you are interested in different technologies, keep reading this step.
If not, go straight to the next step.
Basically, I have used or considered using the 3 techniques outlined below.
In fact, this is the best technology to embed LED lights into the resin and also the technology used in this manual.
This technology is widely used because it is simple.
Also, most strips are stripped
The adhesive on the back came off.
Since I do not recommend this technique, I will only review the shortcomings.
First of all, the 1/4 \"transparent flexible tube works best.
The tubing will not stay straight and prefer to curl.
In turn, I suggest using something rigid to keep a straight line.
Also, make sure that anything you use is plastic as it needs to be cut in later steps.
I happen to have an old plastic fishing rod that fits perfectly. .
Then, seal each end with hot glue or silicone.
Next, place the tube in the middle of the wall art.
Keep in mind that if the tubes and rods are installed as described above, you will need to trim each end.
Most of the time, people will trim each end to decorate the art of the wall.
So this is not a problem. .
If you are not going to trim each side of the resin item, there is an option.
First, drill holes in resin molds that are slightly larger than tubes (
3/8 \"should work)
Each end of the resin mold.
Tubing and rods should be about 3 to 5 inch older than the table.
Next, slide the tubing into the hole.
Basically, this option does not need to seal each end with hot glue or trim each end.
Just use the razor blade to cut the tubing after removing the rod in a later step.
First of all, I suggest pouring a thin layer of resin for it to solidify and then adding pipes.
Obviously, you should only do this if you use a clear resin or charge the glowing powder through a uv led light.
Ultimately, it\'s a cleaner way to make sure the LED lights are embedded and hung in the middle of the resin.
As you can see from the photo, I didn\'t do this, which caused me to have to paint on the back of the LED Light Engine strip.
This is a simple step.
In the end, pour the resin as you planned.
First, trim each end with a round or table saw.
In addition, make sure to cut the end of each side rod.
This exposes the bar for easy disassembly.
Next, reveal the rod from the other side by pushing it a little.
Then remove it completely.
If you look closely, you can see how I completely covered the pipe with purple resin.
First, check the tunnel as soon as you remove the rod.
This step should be the case.
First, tie the led light strip to a pole or device used to keep the tube straight.
Also, I prefer LED lights towards the back of the table.
Next, pass the strip through the tunnel.
Then, cut the LED bar between the contacts.
Alternatively, if it will be powered through a wall socket, bend it to the back.
Also, be sure to leave around 5 \"in order to power the LED lights \".
What I use in this project ResinHot Glue Gun1/4 \"transparent tubingLED UV light strip. Would you like to learn how to power strips with battery?
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I hope this project will bring you value.
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