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easily install a solar motion detector light - no wiring and affordable

by:Demo     2020-07-31
The back door of my house got dark at night because the lighting was built in my 50 s so there was no installation.
I didn\'t want to start drilling holes in the bricks to install the lines and switches, so when I was looking for other ways I came across the sun motion detector lights.
I can\'t believe my luck because that\'s exactly what I want.
I don\'t need permanent on/off lights outside;
I just want something if someone comes to the back door so I can see them.
Like any other moving light, you can set it up and program it to light up only at a certain distance and height, which means, for every insect or nocturnal creature that walks through, you won\'t have a light on.
I really like this because I\'m working on the maximum energy you can get in solar powered floodlights.
So far, my concern is that the solar option does not emit light as bright as a normal cable, but that is not the case.
This special has 60 bright led lights up the road.
The solar window absorbs the rechargeable battery pack and charges it, making it a very strong light, considering that you don\'t need to connect it or plug it anywhere.
No matter where you want to install it, you have no wiring restrictions.
I guess it\'s also a great option to walk along the driveway, not only for intruders, but also to light my way home at night, not to turn the lights on throughout the house, or put some extra lights in the garage.
You can set it on the timer, how long do you want it to stay when it appears from motion. Credit: Amazon.
Amazon price: $33 for Motion light 82156 60 LED.
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