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cree sees how many suits it takes to block rival led lightbulbs

by:Demo     2020-08-29
Cree Inc.
Trying to keep the LED Light module of the competition
LED bulbs in the United StatesS.
As energy becomes more popular
Efficient lighting means increased competition in the market and the courts.
Kerry filed a complaint in the United States today. S.
The International Trade Commission and the Federal Court of Wisconsin have claimed close control over Feit Electric Co. and Taiwan-
Based on Unity Optoelectronic Technology Co. , Ltd.
Patents for the design and operation of its LED chips, packages and LED bulbs are being infringed.
With local utilities and government subsidies to reduce costs, consumers are buying more LED bulbs, even if Congress continues to block the rule of eliminating incandescent lamps by inventor Thomas Edison.
Edwin Mok, analyst at Needham & Co, said LED lighting sales grew by about 60% last year and are expected to grow another 34% this yearIt was said in December. 30 report.
Greg Merritt, vice president of marketing and public affairs at Cree, said: \"Consumers will only buy them if they look and operate the way they expect them . \".
\"It has to look like a LED Light module bulb and work like a LED Light module bulb.
Cree introduced the first bulb for less than $10, a traditional 60-and 40-watt bulbs.
Now, in the competition of large established companies such as GE, the company is trying to maintain its market position.
Royal Philips NV and new companies including California\'s Pico Riverabased Feit.
Unity produces bulbs sold by Feit.
In the year ended June 29, sales of Cree increased by 19% to $1.
Durham, North Carolina 6 billionbased company.
According to Cree\'s annual report, LED lighting products have become its largest source of revenue and sales have more than doubled in the past two years.
Even as sales rose, shares of Corey fell 48% last year.
In the LED market, Mok wrote, sales will rise, while prices will fall as more companies selling \"good enough\" lighting products enter the market.
Shift to a longer period of time
Long-lasting LED bulbs have replaced traditional bulbs, causing chaos in the lighting industry. Osram AG cut jobs last year and analysts expect GE to sell its lighting equipment.
Except for eight patents --
Cree\'s ITC complaint also charged Feit and Unity with false and misleading advertising. The U. S.
The Environmental Protection Agency requires LED bulbs designed for general purposes such as desk lamps to glow in all directions like incandescent lamps, and are eligible for the voluntary Energy Star certification program.
Mr. Kerry said the Feit lights did not meet the requirement, but the company announced it did.
\"There is a lot of competition in this consumer bulb market,\" Merritt said . \".
\"We are happy with it, but we insist that competition is fair.
Otherwise, it will damage consumer confidence and damage companies that compete fairly.
\"The case in Wisconsin involved the same eight patents, as well as two other patents and false advertising claims.
Getting the Energy Star label is important for sales;
Designated LED bulbs are generally eligible for subsidies from local utilities to reduce costs, so they are the same as traditional bulbs.
In Alexandria, Virginia, for example, a non-subsidized LED bulb costs $9.
Across the Potomac River in Washington, the same price is only $3.
98, according to the complaint.
Corey has been actively enforcing its rights to 4,000 patents.
Corey & Honeywell International Limited
Last year, they sued each other in cases of thermostats and cockpit displays using backlight.
On September, Cree sued its rival, Harvatek.
And Cadbury Co. , Ltd.
These cases are under trial.
The case in the district court is Cree Inc. v.
Fete Electric Co. , Ltd. , 15cv22, U. S.
District Court of Wisconsin West (Madison).
The problem involved in the ITC case is --
LED products and their componentsS.
Committee on International Trade (Washington).
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