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cree and edison chips, the driving force behind chinese led lights

by:Demo     2020-08-29
Those who have already spent some time checking the LED lights in the LED center. uk.
The brand of Cree and Taiwan Edison is definitely com.
The two companies are not only market leaders for quality lamps, but also major suppliers of driver chips from other manufacturers around the world.
It is important to know the difference between Edison bulbs, which are made and branded by Edison;
Other brands of LED bulbs, including LED produced by Edison;
And bulbs, which contain led made elsewhere, but contain Edison chip drivers.
Whoever wants to produce high quality lights will use their led.
These LEDs originally packaged have a high brightness purity and lose less brightness with a long service life.
However, it is clear that this quality is so expensive at the moment that it is difficult for most people to pay for a LED Light module bulb.
There are two main factors for high quality LED products: one is the substance used to produce the diode and the other is the drive chip.
Initially packaged Cree or Edison led is very expensive at the moment, so a reasonably priced solution never actually includes such an led.
However, they can contain Cree or Edison Drive chips, the most important factor in producing high-quality LED lights. Cree Inc.
Undoubtedly the best quality manufacturer in the LED chip market.
The quality of Cree chips is very high, and even rival companies use them to add value to their products.
This is the case with Taiwan Edison, which uses a Corey chip to drive its highest quality LEDs.
Although the quality provided by Cree chips is difficult to achieve, Edison produces high-quality chips for those who want to spend less on LED bulbs.
Edison of OEM (
Original Equipment Manufacturer)
For Philips and Osram, it has also managed to produce reliable high-quality drive chips at a much lower price than Cree.
Although the life of these LED lights is not as good as the LED driven by the Cree chip, the LED Light module quality of the emission is very good, and their life is at least 30 000 hours.
The Edison chip guarantees a more stable circuit design, which means better current regulation and less heat emitted by the driver.
The reduction of heat always guarantees a longer service life of the led and less color change during service life.
Producing cheaper LED lights has always been the goal of researchers in the field.
At present, the quality of the cheapest LED solution offered by Chinese manufacturers may vary, but Kerry and Edison chips are both guaranteed for high quality and long life.
The global market was valued at led pcb module in led pcb board and is expected to reach a market value of ac led modules by led light engine, with a CAGR of dob led pcb during the forecast period.
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