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chinese technology brings led light revolution

by:Demo     2020-08-27
: Small-
Units of scale specializing in the production of cheap LED lights will welcome the latest ic led technology from China, which will replace the traditional LED board and drive circuit in the product with a compact design.
LEDs of modern integrated circuits
Very thin shape, easyto-
The assembly method, compared to the larger predecessors in the industry, ensures very low power consumption and launches at a very affordable price.
As technology advances, local entrepreneurs in the industry are frantically visiting China to bring technology to the LED lighting revolution.
Some of them are importing products from China and selling them at reasonable prices to compete with retail giants in the industry.
\"Integrated circuit LEDs are superthin, cost-
Effective and simpleto-
Fixed tone for any special design.
Even technically incompetent people can assemble this product and insert it directly into the home for use . \"
Rajith, Koze-
Recently visited entrepreneurs in China with his friend Ajeesh Kumar to learn more about the technology and introduce it to small-
Entrepreneurs of scale.
\"With Chinese technology, a unit can make a 9-
Watt LED bulb for Rs only. 140 and 12-
Watt LED Light module bulb for Rs. 200.
\"The price of older versions made using traditional technology is now almost double that of the market,\" he noted . \".
At the moment, small-
Sales of scale units 6-
LED lantern in Watt for Rs. 1,200.
With the introduction of integrated circuit LEDs, the price can be reduced by half.
The new product is more durable than the one currently in use and guarantees superior luminous performance.
Mr. special features
Rajith, who has handled more than 100 led manufacturing training courses for a variety of himself
The state\'s help unit says the IC LEDs will be short-
Circuit protection
High temperature protection
Anti-voltage, anti-surge, high luminous efficiency.
It also has excellent heat dissipation and low light attenuation, he added.
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