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arduino solar powered temperature and humidity sensor as 433mhz oregon sensor

by:Demo     2020-09-09
This is the construction of solar temperature and humidity sensors.
The sensor simulates the 433mhz Oregon sensor and is visible in the Telldus network gateway.
What you need: 1x \"10-
LED solar motion sensor from Ebay.
Make sure it says 3. 7v battery.
1x \"enhanced Pro Mini 3.
3 v/5 v adjustable 8m from Ebay.
1x \"DHT11/DHT22/am222\" sensor from Ebay.
1x \"STX882\" 433Mhz transmitter from Ebay.
2x \"10 cm servo cable from Ebay from male to male \". Some straight 2.
54mm heads and 2 horns.
54mm titles from Ebay.
Welding equipment and hand tools.
Cut off power led tracking on Arduino.
Arduino of power supply voltage regulator jumper
Welding angle head of Arduino end. Upload code.
Test low power current usage.
DHT Library: Connect 3.
There are 3 to 5 v on the Arduino vcc pin and 0 v on the gnd pin.
Weld the straight head to Arduino GND, D2, D3 and d9, d9, d9.
Weld the STX882 transmitter to the head D7, D8, and 9. (
Check the direction, you can set the pin in the code
Day wire cutting 17 cm (433Mhz version)
Solid core wire and wrap around ø 6mm screwdriver.
Weld the antenna to ANT on the transmitter.
DHT pins: pin 1 = vcc, 2 = Data, 3 = unused, 4 = gndsoldder head straight to sensor pins 1, 2, 4.
Solder the 10k resistor on pin 1 and pin 2.
Connect the sensor to arduino: sensor pin 1 (vcc)-
> Arduino d3 sensor pin 2 (data)-
> Arduino d2 sensor pin 4 (gnd)-> Arduino GND(
Pin can be set in code
Connect the sensor to the Arduino and check the readings in the terminal and Telldus.
Cut the 10 cm servo lead in half.
Remove the white line from the servo lead.
Weld Red Lead to B.
Weld the black lead to B-.
Insulating the Arduino back with tape.
Connect the power to arduino (
Vcc and gnd about programming head)
Tip: Add some white wheel marks to the vcc in the project.
Waterproof sensor. (
This is model 2 so I put the sensor inside instead of sticking it outside)
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