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by:Demo     2020-08-03
The 100-As more and more people turn to simple and universal LED lights, the annual rule of incandescent lamps is coming to an end.Although incandescent lamps are good for our service, with the increasing cost of electricity, it is impossible for consumers to continue to waste money on products with an efficiency of 20%.LED lights not only work at 90% efficiency, but also emit less heat, have a service life of about 11 years or 50,000 hours, and don\'t contain mercury like CFL lights!It is these positive opinions that have prompted consumers like you and I to go beyond the one-time cost of buying LED lights and make investments.
The ultimate goal is to reduce energy bills over the long term.Until recently, the choice of LED lights was limited, but with their popularity increasing, they have a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, from home to outdoor neon lights, public lighting in entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants and beauty treatment venues.LED lights have a lot of beautiful shapes and designs and you should consider LED if you want to have some nice lighting nearby.
Initially, LEDs or LEDs were used as individual bulbs, and today they are used as clusters, which are stronger and emit brighter light.The technology is rapidly improving as the LED is advertised as the future of lighting, every time people hear more powerful LED lights or what it is used to update.Recently, LED was used in a pain management experiment.
Unlike incandescent lamps, the advantage of LED lights is that they can be darkened to meet the needs of patients.Anu Solar Power offers a range of LED lighting including indoor bulbs, lanterns, reading lights and street lights.Long Life -Durability -The Led has no filament and will not be damaged like an incandescent lamp.
No heat-Unlike incandescent lamps, there is no filament in the LED LED Light module, so it will not heat up.In a room with air.Mercury-free -Efficient-LED bulbs only use 2-17 W electric (1/3rd to 1/30 days of incandescent lamp or CFL ).This is an ideal choice for those who want to get out of the energy gridIf you want your home to be less dependent on the government, providing energy and LED is just for you.
LED lights are supported by solar panels and high-quality Anu solar electronic inverters and consume less energy, so you have more lights on at home
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