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aer lingus is setting a mood with new onboard led lighting to fight jet-lag

by:Demo     2020-09-02
Linglingus announced today that it will launch a new custom mood lighting system for its fleet.
Ireland Airlines said the new lighting equipment will \"improve the comfort of guests\", the latest product in the company\'s recent launch of a series of updates.
In January, they launched a brand with an updated logo and a new aircraft uniform. googletag. {});
First officer, Laura Bennett.
First Officer Neil McCauley;
Sean Doyle, Linglingus Chief Executive Officer.
Mike Rutte, chief operating officer of Ireland Airlines;
Dara McMahon, Marketing director for Marketing at the Darlingus brand, presented in front of a brand new painted Airbus A330.
Photo: Naoise culhanthe lighting system was introduced into the Airbus aircraft fleet as part of a partnership with cobalt Airlines, which they hope will minimize the impact of Jetslag.
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10 carbon emissions new LEDs have multiple mood settings such as: Bright White: \"This modern white LED Light module will be used by staff as a standard light setting for cleaning and maintenance of internal aircraft.
Strong blue: \"This cool, strong blue is the ideal shade to create a calm environment, as the blue light effect helps passengers feel energetic and relaxed while boarding and disembarking.
This lighting is suitable for A330 and A320 aircraft.
\"Dim lavender: this purple spectrum gives out a purple hue, an ideal setting to create a cool and calm cabin environment, and a perfect backdrop to enhance the passenger\'s flight experience. \"Blood Orange (
A330 aircraft only)
: \"This deep sunset color was developed to mimic the sunset to prepare for a long time
With a light, the guests landed.
This dawn stimulus feature will be activated 90 to 60 minutes before a given landing time to achieve a peaceful decline.
This setting is only for A330 aircraft.
\"Irish air duck Green (
On A320 aircraft only)
: \"The color of the Teal teal us logo dominates, reflecting the fashion and modern feel of the brand Aer Lingus.
This special color is developed for narrow body aircraft and will be used for special activities.
Commenting on the new mood lighting system, Mike Rutter, chief operating officer of Aer Lingus said: \"We are pleased to launch the new LED mood lighting system, which will further improve the satisfaction of Aer Lingus guests
Flight experience.
We have invested heavily in our business in recent years, including launching a brand new brand in January to improve our value proposition and overall guest experience and become the only four in Irelandstar airline.
\"The innovations we have introduced include rolling
No WiFi on our a330, auto check-
Improvements and complete lies in business class at Dublin Airport --
Rooms offer flat-screen TVs and complimentary dining upgrades.
\"The introduction of this emotional lighting system is the latest move to improve the comfort of guests.
\"Read MORENorwegian chief to meet Boeing bosses at 737 Max talk sgoogle tag. {});
At present, 25 Aer Lingus aircraft have been equipped with \"experience enhanced\" lighting, and the rest of the fleet will be updated in the standard maintenance inspection.
Ben Brown, director of Cobalt Aerospace, added: \"Working with Aer Lingus to provide customized mood lighting is a huge development for our company.
\"Cobalt Aerospace provides a highly advanced LED lighting system for the interior of the aircraft, and this enhancement will provide unparalleled comfort for Aer Lingus guests.
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