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6W 90Lm/W 220V AC DOB LED Module Round SMD PCB PCBA Board for Candle Bulb Light

6W 90Lm/W 220V AC DOB LED Module Round SMD PCB PCBA Board for Candle Bulb Light
10000 pcs
3 years
CE, CB, RoHS, Reach, FCC, UL, EMC, C-Tick, CCC, PSE, LVD, Energy Star
Quality System:
Payment Channel:
T/T, Alipay, Westernunion and PayPal
Delivery Lead-Time:
12 - 15 days
Start Port:
Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

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Main Technical Data

Model No.




Input Voltage

AC 220-240V 50Hz

Input Current


Luminous Efficiency

90 LM/W

Color Rendering 


Ra 70

Anti-Surge Class


Thermal Conductivity


PCB Size


Emitting Color

White Color

Insulation Class


Operating Temperature


Certification Standard


  1. High Power-to-Size Ratio: Despite its compact design, this module delivers a substantial 6 watts of power, making it suitable for various lighting applications.

  2. Wide Voltage Compatibility: Designed to work with a standard 220V AC power supply, this module is suitable for a broad range of applications without complex electrical adjustments.

  3. Versatile Form Factor: The round shape of this module allows for flexible installation in candle bulb light fixtures, adding to its adaptability.

  4. Instant Illumination: These LED modules provide instant and full illumination, eliminating warm-up time and ensuring immediate visibility when the light is turned on.

  5. Consistent Lighting Quality: The module provides stable and uniform lighting, reducing flicker and maintaining a high color rendering index (CRI) to ensure that colors appear natural and vibrant.

  6. Environmentally Friendly: With reduced energy consumption and a longer lifespan, this module contributes to a lower carbon footprint and minimizes the environmental impact.

  7. Customizable Options: Depending on the manufacturer, customization options may be available, allowing customers to tailor the module's specifications to their specific project requirements.

5 Years Warranty! Customized Design!



  1. Restaurants and Cafés: Enhance the dining experience in restaurants and cafes with these modules in candle-style chandeliers and pendant lights. The warm, even light adds to the ambiance while reducing energy consumption.

  2. Event Venues: Illuminate event venues, such as banquet halls and ballrooms, with these modules in decorative lighting fixtures, providing a touch of elegance and charm for weddings, parties, and special occasions.

  3. Religious Institutions: Use these modules in candle-style fixtures within places of worship, such as churches and temples, to create a serene and spiritual environment during religious ceremonies and gatherings.

  4. Bed and Breakfasts: Install these modules in cozy bed and breakfast accommodations to provide guests with a warm and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience.

  5. Spa and Wellness Centers: Promote relaxation and tranquility in spa treatment rooms and wellness centers with soothing and adjustable lighting that complements various treatments and therapies.

  6. Historical and Vintage Settings: Use these modules in historic homes, museums, and vintage-themed spaces, providing the nostalgic charm of candlelight with the benefits of modern LED technology.

  7. Wedding Venues: Illuminate wedding venues, including gardens and outdoor settings, using these modules in decorative fixtures, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for ceremonies and receptions.

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