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5 things to know about led lights -

by:Demo     2020-08-06
The light-emitting device commonly referred to as LED lights basically uses the technology of converting electric energy into light energy.Its structure is composed of p-N junction, when activated, it emits LED Light module of high energy and efficiency.They were first introduced in 1960 and were invented by a young scientist named Nick holowak.
A p-The N junction has the ability to convert the absorbed LED Light module into a current.But in the LED, the process is the opposite, p-here-When the electric energy is applied to the n junction, it glows.In many bakeries and shops, you must notice LED lights near the food area.
This is done to keep the food fresh.
Experiments have shown that LED lights have the ability to kill and reduce the reproduction of harmful bacteria compared to bulbs and other fluorescent lamps.LED lights in Canada do not contain mercury.That\'s why about 90-The 95% part of this lamp is recyclable.
On the other hand, the fluorescent and incandescent parts cannot be reused, and they all contain different amounts of mercury.NASA has conducted various studies over the past many years and has found that LED lights also have healing power.It is used by doctors around the world to provide LED Light module therapy for infants with jaundice.
It is more popular than infrared because they have some potential risks that could harm the baby\'s body.Lighting equipment such as electric lights or incandescent lamps can only be converted for about 10-12% of the energy provided to it.On other LED lights, they convert all (about 99%) of energy.
It\'s more efficient than they are.
LEDs that are used for a long time will become highly energized, so they will become hot.But they will cool down soon and can easily be touched.They can heat it up to 130-140 degrees FahrenheitOn the other hand, halogen lamps and other lights become very hot when used for a period of time.
If touched, it can also cause serious burns.Even though the wholesale LED lights were there long ago, about 40-Fifty years ago, they became famous in recent years.It has the ability to save a lot of money spent on energy consumption every year.
The amount saved could be about 16-$17 billion.This is also a great choice for sustainable development and use of sustainable energy.People have realized that it is more important than another lighting device, which is why they choose it more and more.

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