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What are the 'four colors' of LED full-color screens?

by:Demo     2021-07-16
LED full-color display can improve the expressive power of colors and make higher brightness express yourself!

What are the 'four colors' of the LED full-color screen? The four colors of the LED full-color screen are: red, blue, and green are the primary colors, and then red and green are combined to form yellow, red and blue are combined to form purple, blue and green, blue and green, and the three colors are combined to form white. In order to make the colors richer, an intermediate color is added to the three primary colors.

The principle of LED full-color screen toning

If white is added, there is no change in the color performance, and the brightness is improved; the increase in magenta or blue-green but the color is improved, but the brightness is not enough; so the final choice is both the color rate performance and the brightness The intermediate color of as the auxiliary color, from the original three-pixel state to four-pixel state.

Yellow can be produced by combining red and green, so both can be ignored. The yellow wavelength has its advantages and can make the picture more vivid, so the addition of yellow makes it a unique technology. The penetration of yellow is stronger, which makes the picture we see brighter and more vivid.

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