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High Power 5mm LED

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Thoughhole High Power 0.5W 5mm Green LED

Thoughhole High Power 0.5W 5mm Green LED

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Product Description

 Thoughhole High Power 0.5W 5mm Green LED

High-Quality Long Lifespan! Low Light Attenuation! Customize Manufacturing!

Product details

Wavelength 520-530nm
Color Green Color
Size 5mm
Shape round head
Lens clear
Power Consumption 0.5W
Forward Voltage 3.0-3.6V
Forword current 120mA
Luminous flux 40-50lm
Viewing angle 35deg

The First Choice in LED Customized Manufacturing!

LED Manufacturer with 10+ years Experience!

High Quality Long Lifespan LED!


Our Service

1)Customized View angles are acceptable! 10deg, 15deg, 30deg, 45deg, 60deg, 90deg, 120deg, 160deg, etc. for options!

2)Customized LED shapes for options, round head shape, bullet head shape, flat head shape, rectangle shape, oval shape, concave shape, straw-hat shape, etc.

3)Various LED size for options, 2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/8mm/10mm


Notice for LED Handling

1)All personnel in direct contact with the LEDs throughout the process of use shall perform anti ESD measures. Do not touch the LEDs directly with hands 

2) When welding, the operator needs to pay attention to the welding time, welding temperature, and the positive and negative poles of LEDs should be clearly distinguished. 

3) Electrical parameters such as current and voltage should not exceed the rated value.


Precautions for LED Soldering

1)The welding time should not exceed 3 seconds

2)The welding temperature is less than 260 ℃

3)Reflow welding is allowed only once 

4)When welding, distinguish the positive and negative poles and avoid the lens to avoid damaging the lens.

5)When welding, distinguish the positive and negative poles of LEDs, take care to avoid touching the LED lens from lens-damaging.

6)Especially for IR LEDs and UV LEDs, try to take cooling measures as good as possible to provide adequate heat dissipation area. 

7)For longer life of IR LEDs and UV LEDs, it is recommended to use a more stable constant current driver instead of a constant voltage driver.

Company Information

About us


Demo Photoelectric Technology (Wuxi) Co., a professional manufacturer in the design, manufacturing and sale of photoelectric light sources,and other photoelectric lighting applications. The company can be dated back to the former small sized manfacturer, Wuxi Demo Lighting Factory, which was established in 2005. Based on initial assembly lines for OEM orders, our main products lines have been successfully expanded to current LED light sources, LED illuminations and other highly-demanding photoelectric products.

Our Vision: Win-win cooperation is the only way to business success in the long run!

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For Demo Photoelectric Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., we always focus on innovation and upgrading of product strength. Its power utilization ratio is up to 90%. Demo Photoelectric Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. only manufactures high quality led module. Its power utilization ratio is up to 90%.
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