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The three functions of led full-color display make your heart beat

by:Demo     2021-07-15
LED electronic screens can show unique advantages based on the continuous development of science and technology. At the same time, they are widely used in various places such as entertainment, sports and transportation stations. The three major functions of LED full-color screens are that customers love them and choose to buy. The main reason for this.

Next, let’s take a look at the three major functions of LED full-color displays:

1. Video and text information release

The LED electronic screen can publish news in the form of videos and pictures or text, as well as the publication of information, policies and regulations. Moreover, when distributing video and text information, the LED electronic screen can be grouped and graded and played in sections according to actual needs. At the same time, the LED electronic screen also has the function of inserting broadcast at any time, which provides a strong guarantee for the timely transmission of information.

2. TV and live broadcast

In fact, LED electronic screens have contributed a lot to the construction of urban image projects, and as a window of government work, they can provide the general public with information about government work and social news. In addition, people can use the live broadcast module of the LED electronic screen, so that the system can broadcast TV news and live video on designated or all terminals at any time.

3. Advertising release

Branded LED electronic screens can not only publish videos and conduct live broadcasts, but also publish advertisements. Through the electronic screen system, it is possible to broadcast advertisements in various forms such as pictures, videos and texts. And in the process of broadcasting advertisements, the layout of the screen can be adjusted and set according to specific conditions and needs, so that different content can be displayed in different areas. This is mainly because the LED electronic screen system has a variety of built-in layout modules, which are enough to support up to eight screen split layouts.

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