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The difference of air conditioning parts and systems

by:Demo     2021-07-16
There are many -

store now 25 ℃, and even - 30 ℃ in secure operation of air source heat pump units, so the tightening machine is commonly this several conditions: one is the jet enthalpy, 2 it is spray cryogenic liquid cooling, the third is the secondary deflation, there are overlaps skills. Now, the domestic tightening machine for jet increases the enthalpy and commonly spray liquid cooling two kinds. Jet increases the enthalpy of the tightening machine theory value of energy efficiency is higher than that of low temperature spray, but low temperature spray on cooling function is higher than that of jet increases the enthalpy. Thus, if consider under cryogenic environment operation, give priority to spray tightening machine at low temperature. Under low temperature conditions, the function of the air source heat pump and air conditioning attenuation difference is not big, but the practice of the air conditioning in low temperature condition is difficult to operate. In the below - 10 ℃ environment, generally not advocating practices of the air conditioning equipment may be air source heat pump units. In addition to the difference of the four big empty harmonic there will be other differences, air source heat pump for water pans. From the point of the situation, water pans is unique to the air source heat pump units. The central air conditioning and air source heat pump is the closest product air-cooled module, but the concept of module machine without water pans. Any big manufacturers of air source heat pump products are with water pans, and water plate of adjacent has a tropical. Chapter, there are many during defrosting water frost, if not timely row and no water pans diversion, will fall directly on the floor. Air source heat pump units under each evaporator has a water pans, its effect is derived after the frost water catch. In the cold area, such as xinjiang, and the three northeast provinces also need special treatment, or water pans will present severe icing phenomenon. For rated above the water pans with a layer of baffle, intent is to prevent the wind evaporator sucks the water pans directly to the inside of the water froze. Other, water pans to do heat preservation, also is the device with tropical, water pans export to no direct discharge of water on the ground, because the ground freezes, sooner or later the affected unit. Water inside the water pans to indoor, may play a more than two meters deep water Wells, water diversion of water pans to borehole, such ability prevent frost freezes water pollution environment may cause unit. Electronic expansion valve of air source heat pump, copper pipe, internal structure and welding technology and air conditioning are must have difference. The use of air conditioning temperature scale is in commonly - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, but the use of air source heat pump is - temperature scale 30 ℃ to 40 ℃, the scale of the whole assignment is 70 ℃, thus the copper pipe and the direction of the strong degree is not the same. Air source heat pump is chosen are environmentally friendly refrigerant, because of its operating pressure is higher, environmentally friendly refrigerant is usually 45 kg, 42 million mpa pressure, air conditioning will use 410 a environmentally friendly refrigerant, but generally used on many online, practice of the air conditioning is still the refrigerant of R22. Air source heat pump and air conditioning and a difference is the different applicable environment, for example in shanxi area, many air conditioning will leak during the process of using, also is the condenser of the solder joints. Due to the local air containing sulphur and nitrogen compounds, a brief corrosion solder joints, many manufacturers according to the characteristics of this area will do anticorrosive measures, for example spraying anti-corrosion paint cover, equipment corrosion and so on. Other, on the control system, air source heat pump is much more complicated than air conditioning, compare with air source heat pump air conditioning has many many control requirements, such as antifreeze, thermal monitoring and linkage of monitoring. Government asked each air source heat pump are equipped with GPS system, is in order to facilitate the future focus, because the environment of air source heat pump air conditioning than are much more severe, especially in the north area of heating is obvious. Air source heat pump and air conditioning is basically these differences, as well as differences in details, as the product of each manufacturer has its own features.

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